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2024-03-06 Improve note window mode capabilities Improve note segmentation mode capabilities
Crop option error correction
PDF viewer file error correction
Fix other errors
2024-01-05 Note background image addition function
Note window mode function
Note split mode function
Other panser improvements
2023-08-22 Added PDF annotation function
Added PDF reader execution menu
2023-03-31 When re-executing, quick launcher display error fixed.
In case of failure during recording, a pop-up display for guidance has been added.
2021-03-20 Fixed a bug of backup/Restore confirmation window.
Restore backup file, pdf program connection.
Added import of old version autorun settings.
2021-03-09 Camera window support.
External codec recording error correction.
Software certificate renewal.
2020-03-26 PDF MINE-TYPE is changed.
Software certificate renewal.
Fixed recording when audio is silent.
2019-11-05 A bug that could cause the indicator pen to crash has been fixed.
ESC hotkeys have been modified to be customizable.
German and Dutch corrections have been made.
2019-10-21 Separate Minimize and Hide options from Quick Launcher Settings
Added BASE64 support to Crop-screen
Added T3k Touch Sensor Calibration GUI
2019-09-05 Tablet supported. and applied the pen pressure to the writing.
A problem where black borders appear in the output of 'Export as..' has been fixed.
Afterimage error when using eraser with multi-touch has been fixed.
Modified to display the settings window on the current screen.
2019-08-23 Added BASE64 save function in Crop.
Added function to prevent information popup when installing site.
2019-05-12 Russian added.
`(Eraser) / 1(Pen1) / 2(Pen2) / 3 (Pen3) / 4 (Pen4) hotkey has been added.
Press the eraser hotkey twice to erase all
Added exception handling for broken ChalkBox documents.
Fixed Hotkey bug by mouse hooking.
2019-04-01 French added.
2019-03-15 Changed to MSI package.
Software certificate renewal.
Spanish added.
Complementing mouse movement monitoring function
Complementing setting menu function.
2018-08-20 Added Hotkey to Pause/Resume of Recording.
2018-08-13 Fixed a bug that caused program to crash when starting Crop.
2018-07-23 Fixed a bug that could cause Outline-pen to crash down.
2018-06-15 Long-click functions in the QuickLauncher Not working Fixed.
2018-05-09 Hide Record Setting tab in OEM version.
2018-03-07 Registered Code Signing Certificate in ChalkBox3.
Modified to maintain certification even if MAC address is changed by OS.
2018-02-28 Changed the way certificates are stored.
2018-02-22 Fixed Print and Export ComboBox bug.
Backup and Restore Multilingual file name Support.
Certification registration supplement.
2018-02-01 Added a drawing tool Watercolor-brush.
2018-01-22 Vietnamese added.
Added a Hotkey to add new page (F5).
Added a drawing tool Airbrush.
Added a drawing tool OutlinePen.
Added background clearing option button in Crop.
2018-01-11 Added a drawing tool Chalk.
Added a drawing tool Crayon.
Enhanced Marker pen expression.
2017-12-26 Added Pen-tool changing function to the pen buttons.
Stopping Recording by Long-click on Recording-button of QuickLauncher.
Added Hotkey to Recording.
2017-12-12 Fixed infinite loop occurrence in authentication check(version fatal error).
2017-12-12 Turkish added.
Added network-error Message
Fixed ChalkBox3-down caused by network errors(installation version only).
2017-12-05 Trial PRODUCT-KEY is no longer used.
It runs as Trial-version for 7 days after installation and then works as a Shareware.
If you reinstall, the 7 days Trial-version restart from installation date.
German added.
A fatal error was found to crash early in the run.
2017-09-18 Added Note-database backup and restore function.
Register backup file(.chalkbox3).
2017-08-23 Fixed problem that can not do export as/print.
Fixed bug Crop to file.
Resolve the problem of delaying the starting of ChalkBox.
Add the function Exit(ESC) key press for 1 second to close a program(Ctrl+F4).
2017-08-17 Official-release
2017-06-26 beta The problem the 'PRODUCT-KEY' could not be registered is fixed.
2017-06-16 beta Note Printing is added. The problem the 'PRODUCT-KEY' could not be registered is fixed.
2017-05-23 beta ChalkBox Reader is added.
2017-01-01 beta Beta release